3 days to better singing, indeed.

This three day mini-course is great for both beginning and experienced singers and contains some of the most important elements of healthy vocal technique. Finish in 3 days, or binge watch in a few minutes. Your voice, your choice.

  • Alignment shows you how to optimize your body for your best singing.

  • Eliminate leaky lungs with exercises designed to maximize your breath support.

  • Improve tone quality building on lessons from previous days.

What We'll Cover

Simple and straight to the point instruction.

    1. Alignment

    1. Breath

    1. Tone

About this course

  • Free
  • 3 lessons
  • 0.5 hours of video content

Your Instructor

Calebria Webb


I’m Calebria, a dynamic classical mezzo-soprano and 10 year Music and Voice Education Expert. My superpower is helping singers of all genres find their voice, curate their signature sound, and sing with confidence. I’m a solutions based coach, always working to help your voice sound unique, while still perfectly fitting within your body. Over the past decade, I’ve taught youth to mature adults, and find joy in teaching singing. As a singer, I’ve spent a lifetime studying with professionals, and after finding who and what clicked for me, I used what I learned about my voice to help you find yours. My mission is to arm all singers with the tools necessary to have a sustainable voice over a lifetime.